A Dog’s Choice:

The Dog Spa in Newton, NH that All Dogs Love!

Simon & Sasha
Why do fur and human clients alike love A Dog’s Choice? Because we create a relaxing and caring atmosphere for your pet.
Over the years, our clients have said things such as, “We love you! Our dog is always happy for her spa day!”

Grooming is not just about making your pet look “cute” but essential in keeping your pet healthy. When your dog visits A Dog Choice, he or she will be treated gently and caringly. We do what it takes to ensure your fur kid is safe, happy, and relaxed.

State-of-the-Art Grooming

A Dog’s Choice uses state-of-the-art equipment designed to give your pet a wonderful relaxing day at the spa.

  • Our bathing system with soothing massage jets relaxes and helps remove hair.
  • Our electric table moves up and down and allows the dog to step on to it while the table sling supports and keeps your dog stable.
  • Our brand new clipper vacuum system removes hair and dander as the dog is being groomed — ensuring your pet continually breathes fresh air.
  • Our high velocity hair dryer removes more water off your pet faster and with less stress.

Gentle soothing products

All shampoos are gentle, tear-free products that helps loosen dead coat. We also use a spray conditioner applied after the bath to help remove any loose hair and retard dirt and matting. We take the extra step and put cotton in your dogs ears during baths and during the dry cycle — which helps reduce noise and keep your dog relaxed.

We use professional-grade clippers and scissors which we have maintained and sharpened on a regular basis. All tools are cleaned with disinfectant between fur clients. All brushes are also professional-grade; type and style used depends on the dog and its coat type.

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Grooming Schedule

Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday

Spa visits by appointment only